Making art in silence
Practically, every one-hour session involves 20 to 40 minutes or art making followed by debriefing. Making art always involves silence. It is sometimes the most important matter of the therapy.
The time factor
Our emotional memory is a well-protected and layered onion skin structure glued together by our defenses. To access key events of our life, we need time. Therefore, the recommendation would be for long-term therapy rather than solution-oriented sessions.

en face de la prairieA range of media for a variety of issues
Different media are used to address different types of issues. Typically, clay often brings us back to our early “sensory” years. Wood or fabrics are commonly associated with older, higher functioning parts of our mind. Colors are often associated with a large variety of emotions. You will get to know yours better.
Defragmenting and reconstructing.
Finally glue and clay helps us to put the lost pieces together, recreate the puzzle and consolidate our new personality. Over the course of the therapy process, themes and colors often change drastically. So does our state of mind.