Psycho-analytic approach
Irrational thoughts and fear inherited from our past often gets in the way of our desires. Depression, anxiety and a sense of inadequacy sets in…
Therapy generally involves 3 stages:
– Identify our own defense system
– Access past experiences which have hampered our emotional growth.
– Create new perspectives and embrace change.

100_2930In the “labyrinth of self-discovery”, we often wonder which direction to chose. The art therapist does not provide answers but guides you through the maze, helping you to acquire a clearer picture of your life, interpret symbols and visualize the next steps.
Several psychoanalytic techniques may be used during debriefing depending on the nature of the problem:
I-voice: this gestalt technique is used to “give a voice” to the characters or symbols.
Narratives: we can interpret our life as a story with its myths, odysseys and struggles.
Psychodrama: these simple techniques derived from theatre help us to understand the impact of important actors of our past and present (parents, partners, siblings, etc.). We may also try out new roles and abandon old ones…